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In terms of my work as psychotherapist, I not only see this as a profession, but as a personal journey.  Psychotherapy is mostly about a relationship, a unique one, between the client/s and the therapist.  This relationship provides the confidential holding space in which the client learns about him/herself, how to trust, not just the therapist, but the self, and how to repair that which was damaged by life, either past or present, and how to head into the future.  It enables you to experience a growing sense of worth, better coping skills, and a personal sense of integration.  Integration, in my view, is about having a sense of wholeness, in which the individual has come to accept and fulfil the multiple dimensions of the self, thoughts, feelings, physical health, choices, actions and a sense of meaningfulness.  
Within this relationship, I am an active participant, bringing a variety of skills, life experience, professionalism and unconditional non-judgemental regard.  (Read more about my philosophy - Theory of Person).

My training encompasses psychodynamic thought, and that’s my mind map, so to speak, in thinking about my clients.  I’ve also been trained as an integrative psychotherapist, which incorporates humanistic, systemic and cognitive behavioural modalities.  I thus adjust my approach to the needs of the individual client. 



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