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Baobab Tree

The Baobab seed is small and seemingly insignificant. Yet its potential is to grow and develop into a magnificent tree, that is capable of adapting to withstand the most challenging of conditions, and still provide both man, bird and beast with a safe haven.

Much like the Baobab, which, when compared to other trees and plants in its surroundings, doesn’t “fit in”; most successful, balanced, wise human beings also stand out a bit from the crowd.  The lesson to be gained from the Baobab is that we each have our own unique gifts that bring value to our lives and to other people.

Baobab Tree

Welcome to my website.  If you’ve never been to see a therapist  - making that first appointment can be daunting.  In fact, simply admitting to yourself that you need help, may feel like a “failure”.  It takes courage! 

Yet once you’ve taken that step, of going for your first appointment, you’ll find some relief, knowing that your problems can be solved, and that others would probably react as you do under similar circumstances.  Being able to talk to someone who listens without condition or judgement, and who holds everything you say in absolute confidence, allows for the building of trust, both in the process and in yourself. 

In the sessions we will work together to resolve the issues that brought you to therapy. They may be about struggling in relationships, or with always feeling down, or worthless, or unhappy, or that life is meaningless. You may be suffering from inner turmoil which is difficult to define, and which seems to affect what you do.  You may be caught in the grip of behaviours and compulsions that feel out of control, such as eating disorders, self destructive behaviours, addictions. Given that we live in a dangerous, fast paced, competitive society, with so many choices and pressure to perform, or just to survive; sometimes our basic coping skills may seem to be inadequate for the task!  Perhaps you’ve had a traumatic experience, that you are struggling to integrate into your understanding of the world.

You may or may not recognise yourself in what you’ve read above, but if you do choose to embark on this journey, you and I will enter into a unique respectful relationship, within which there is a compassionate, confidential holding space.  For my part, I bring the full range of my knowledge, skills, experience, professionalism and unconditional non-judgemental regard, in order to ensure that your journey takes you to where you need to go.  The goal is to help you achieve a sense of inner wholeness, and deeper understanding of your own potential, even as you resolve the problems that brought you into therapy.

Perhaps it’s time to make that call!



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